Best Underrated Comedy Shows!

I figured this would be the perfect time for me to write this post because so many of my favorite shows are being aired on Indian Television now! I watch comedy series exclusively and these are some of the funniest, but they are not very popular. I will be excluding the likes of Friends, Big Bang Theory, Two and half men and How I met your mother because although they are good, these are better and deserve your time! 

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

whose line.jpg

The absolute funniest show ever! This show is one of a kind where the performers are asked to improvise comedy on the spot. Pointers are given by the host and suggestions are taken from the audience to create skits on the spot. It is an absolute treat to watch these intelligent people create pure humor out of thin air! A must watch!

Channel: Star World Premiere HD

Brooklyn Nine Nine


I discovered this show recently and I got instantly hooked! This is the story of a group of cops as they solve crime and have great fun together. The characters are distinct with their own quirky identities which adds to the comedy content. 

Channel: Comedy Central & Comedy Central HD 

New Girl

new girl

Another recent find for me. This is the story of a girl who moves in with three men after a major breakup. Initially skeptic about having a girl live with them, they finally give in to her sweet, dorky nature and let her in. 

Channel: Star World & Star World HD


Young Sheldon



I was very excited when it was announced that The Big Bang Theory is going to get a spin off series focused on Sheldon. Sheldon is the only real funny character I adore from that show and I really prefer this one. This show follows the adventures of child prodigy Sheldon Cooper as he navigates life with his quirky nature, and he wonders why everyone is so different from him!

Channel: Comedy Central & Comedy Central HD

Impractical Jokers


These best friends are on a mission to embarrass the others in public! They do this by making the others do whatever is asked of them, and they dare not refuse. The one who refuses the most has to do the most embarrassing task of all!

Channel: Comedy Central & Comedy Central HD

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