Inspirational Music Videos #1

Confession time: I spend way too much time on YouTube. Good news: Not all of it is pointless. If used correctly, YouTube can be an amazing source of inspiration and knowledge. A lot of times I come across amazing videos which I believe every person should watch at least once. This will be a short list of just 5 such videos. Watch them at your leisure and keep visiting for more such lists. Let’s get started!

Wintergatan – Marble Machine

Wintergatan are known for combining their love for engineering and music. This video shows the Marble Machine which plays a mesmerizing song with the help of.. you guessed it- Marbles!

Lindsey Stirling – Take Flight

Lindsey Stirling was once told by people that dancing and playing the violin at the same time is impossible. Nevertheless, she stayed true to her love for both and added dubstep to the mix. This video is an inspirational original song made by her and the visuals are stunning. I disliked dubstep before, but I love the dubstep in her music!

Bloodywood – Jee Veerey

Folk Metal is my favorite sub-genre of Metal and the band Bloodywood has created this amazing blend of flute, dhol, electric guitar, growling vocals and rap! The message in this video goes straight to your head.

Star Wars – Imperial March
Performed by Prague Film Orchestra

John Williams, who has composed the film music score of Star Wars movies (and many others) is often called the greatest classical composer of our age (and truly so). His music has the power to draw you into classical music, even if you hated it before. This video is the theme of Darth Vader, the Imperial March.

The Piano Guys – Moonlight

The Piano Guys are known to create inspirational music and in this video, Steven Sharp Nelson creates a soulful melody inspired by Beethoven.

Here’s the full playlist!


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