Console-quality Android games

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Although I’m not a gamer per se, I enjoy playing good games occasionally. Hardly ever do I find myself gaming for more than 30 minutes in a day. That being said, good games for me are those that are offline and finite as in they have a main campaign/levels/story and it has an ending. Endless games and online-only games are excluded. However, games which have additional endless or online modes that are not important to the main game are permitted. Click on the names or images to download the games.

Plants vs Zombies and

Plants vs Zombies 2

I played PVZ1 on PC and was delighted when a sequel was released on Android for free! I would recommend you to play through PVZ1 first and then proceed to PVZ2. Each level consists of a garden where you have to strategically place your super plants which have differing attack and defense powers to eliminate the zombies before they eat your brains!

Plants vs Zombies 2 gives us better graphics, many new plants, lots of super powers and multiple worlds to play in with their own different difficulties. It’s like PVZ1 was kids mode and now everything has been ramped up in complexity! It’s such a blast to play!


Sword of Xolan

This is an excellent side scrolling platformer with retro graphics. The controls are fluid and responsive and the soundtrack is fun yet adventurous. The levels are moderately difficult and it’s not very difficult to finish the game in a week or so.


Dan the Man


A side scrolling beat-em-up with excellent graphics. The cut-scenes are funny and make the character come alive! The beat-em-up mechanic is very satisfying, especially when using a controller. Punching and kicking enemies is so much more satisfying than guns or swords!


Beach Buggy Racing

Hands down the best kart racer on android. It has excellent controls, great graphics and the difficulty progresses gradually. The drifting controls are easy to master, the secrets within levels take quite some effort to find out, but when you do, you can zip past the opponents and claim your spot on the leaderboard! Even though I have completed this game twice, I keep finding myself re-downloading it to play again!



Mekorama is a unique 3D-puzzle game which makes you scratch your head quite a bit! The graphics are wonderful and the levels are fun to play when you have a few minutes to kill. The levels are nicely crafted and the game never feels too difficult. The game feels like a nice challenge and you feel proud after solving a level. This game can be played with one hand in portrait mode which makes it super useful in cases where you have to stand for long periods of time (eg. train commutes)

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Cool stuff to check out!

It is always a good idea to get a gamepad to play comfortably on your phone. I personally hate tapping on the screen to play. Check out this cheap bluetooth controller by clicking on the image above!

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