Inspirational Music Videos #2

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Inspirational Music Videos #1

Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon

Estas Tonne is one of the two classical (finger style) guitar players that amazed me and made me think of the infinite possibilities of this instrument! Just look at his fingers jumping all over the fretboard! No wonder, the live audience is enthralled by his performance.


Ana Vidovic – Asturias

Ana Vidovic is the other classical guitarist that made me love this guitar. She plays a beautiful melody named Asturias which was composed by Isaac Albéniz. You will find multiple players who have played Asturias but in my opinion, she plays it the best.


Wakkagi Band – Senbonzakura

This one made me go WOW. Regular readers will know I love bands which combine folk elements and metal elements and this band does just that. The traditional Japanese dresses with folk instruments, electric guitars and drums are awesome.


Twice – Likey

Now this is a fun one! This all girl band has so many members that I had to count them the first time I watched. They deliver an upbeat song which will make you dance with joy! I was hooked to the fun melody (and cute girls) and watched this for many days.


Wintergatan – Starmachine2000

The awesome band comprising of engineers and musicians dash out another feel-good melody. They even incorporate newly created instruments to add to the uniqueness!


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