Console-quality Android games #2

Slowly but surely, Android is becoming the king of portable gaming. Sure, you could get a 3DS or PS Vita or Switch; but you will have to shell out serious cash for these and their games are quite expensive too. Instead of carrying a game console separately, the convenience of playing console quality games on the device you already carry around in your pocket everyday is truly amazing.

The problem with android games is that there are just too many of them and a major chunk of those games are either terribly made, shameless copies or infested with compulsory payments just to progress in the game. Hence, I came up with a list of games I find worth your time (and money).

Please buy the games legally. I know many of you will still pirate, but please, respect the hard work put in by the artists and pay for their work. When you download from unauthorized websites, there are high chances of getting your phone infected with viruses and malware. Also, if you keep these games in your play store wish list and keep an eye on them, you will come across discounts as high as 80%

Check out the previous article:
Best Console-quality Android Games (Free)

Now that you’ve checked those out, let us proceed to paid games!

Riptide GP: Renegade (Racing)

Riptide GP: Renegade first caught my attention due to the unique idea of racing on water. The game has a few different versions but in my opinion, Renegade is the best one with great graphics, solid controls (both on external controller and touch controls). There is a trick system wherein you learn new tricks by earning and spending credits by winning matches. Performing more complicated tricks will earn you more ‘boost’ (or nitro as you may call it). You earn game money by finishing races first. This can be used to buy new Water Jets and upgrade the features of existing ones. You will also recruit and play as the characters you defeat one-on-one. The difficulty rises fairly and you will need to upgrade and buy new Jets after a few championships to keep winning. Definitely download this one for some quality racing on your phone.get-it-on-the-google-play-store-button


Monument Valley (Puzzle)

Monument Valley is a puzzle game with beautiful visuals and splendid music. The puzzles are not too difficult to figure out. It forces you to think in three-dimensions and focuses more on the aesthetic feel of the game. Overall, a very pleasing experience.



Leo’s Fortune (platformer)

Leo’s Fortune (and the next game) are the first games I ever paid to buy for on my phone and for good reason! Leo’s Fortune is an adventure of the fluffy blob named Leo whose treasure has been stolen and he sets out through a vivid world, dodging perilous traps and solving simple puzzles in hopes of reclaiming what he lost. A delightful game I savored to play bit by bit, deliberately, so that I could prolong the experience. Definitely worth buying.



Reaper (Hack-n-slash)

Reaper is an adventure that the swordsman-on-hire embarks upon, all the while slashing enemies with his trusty sword. There are a few RPG elements thrown in, but they are not too much and the main focus is on the action gameplay. The controls are simple and the graphics are great.


Although mobile gaming is good while playing with touch controls, mounting your phone to a physical controller does wonders to improve your gaming experience. All games above (except Monument Valley, duh) support controller input. Check out these controllers by clicking on the images below. If you buy something, I will earn a tiny percentage of the profits while you still pay the same price! Help support the website by buying from the link in the images below.



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