Indian Console Gamers vs Nintendo

Am I a pro-gamer?

  • I consider myself a ‘casual gamer’ because I play around 2-3 hours in a week and prefer easier games with least complications that I can just pick up and play anytime and not have to remember a lot of the story or moves. I dislike the addictive nature of endless games and online games and prefer games that are finite with levels.

Why I used to prefer consoles

  • With PC and to some extent Android, I have to keep looking up specs to see if my device would play this game before I buy it. If I have  a console, I know that any game from it’s vast library will definitely run on it.
  • I still like consoles but gaming on PC and Android have become so much more accessible and affordable than consoles.
  • If I want affordable consoles, I have to be buy last gen, used, and hunt for the games I want for reasonable prices either new or used or pay an expert to mod it or invest time and effort in learning to do it myself. Too much effort if you ask me.

Consoles I own:

  • Sony PlayStation 2 (modded to run backups)
  • Nintendo Wii (modded to run backups)
  • Nintendo GameBoy SP (AGS-101)
  • Sony PlayStation 3 (slim)

Current Gen consoles available in India:

  • PS4 Pro and Xbox One X both provide official one year warranty in India.
  • Here’s what the product page for Nintendo Switch on Amazon reads:
    “Product does not have brand warranty and after sales service support as it is not officially launched in India”
  • Nintendo has never been officially available in India which is a huge bummer if you want to play their exclusive titles.

Getting Nintendo in India

  • Online re-sellers do stock consoles and games but import duty is huge for Nintendo games which makes consoles and games super expensive.
  • If you can afford it and are that desperate to experience those games, go for it.

Used Consoles and Games

  • This is the method I suggest to people who really want consoles instead of infinitely fiddling with emulators on PC.
  • Consoles can be bought used in India and reliable guides are available online for servicing and modding. There might be experts in your city who can mod and service them but will ask for a lot of money.
  • I would recommend you to keep an eye on olx and quikr for people selling used consoles for cheap but before you buy, check out all online guides and learn the difference between original and fakes. Look for modding guides if the games are not available in India and look for used or new games if the games are available.

Piracy is morally justified

  • Use emulators if you want. If they don’t care enough to sell it here, that makes it morally acceptable to pirate.
  • Powerful PCs can emulate a lot of consoles, even PS3 and Switch from what I read online.


  • At the end of the day, Nintendo is a business that want to make money and they don’t find it lucrative to sell their products in India because not many people would buy it.
  • India is the biggest market for mobile games and people are fine with watching ads instead of paying for the game.
  • Since consoles are doomed and don’t seem to get any cheaper, focus on what you can get on PC and Android.
  • Steam and Google Play are the way to go. A lot of excellent games exist on Steam and Play store for affordable prices with sales as high as 80% (!)


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Do you think Nintendo will ever sell officially in India? Which consoles do you own? What are your favorite games? Let me know in the comments below!

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