Console-quality Android Games #3

Woo! I am blown away by the multitude of excellent games available on the Google Play Store! Have you checked out the previous list?textgram-13


Now that you’ve checked those out, let’s proceed!

Asphalt Xtreme

Although Asphalt 8 is an extremely popular game, I did not like it. The car physics are boring and track design is just fine. This game however is awesome! And it’s free. It is all about off-road racing with multiple shortcuts and a slowly increasing difficulty level. Only drawback is you need to be connected to the internet and can play a few races at a time before you have to wait for some oil change. But that’s fine, I play it on wifi and when the timer comes up, I see it as a sign to stop gaming and get to work. It’s great!

Gangstar Vegas

I have not completed any of  the GTA games. Not Vice city, not San Andreas and obviously not GTA 5. I just enjoy roaming around the city, driving cars, going to scenic locations and just relaxing. I do enjoy the occasional mission, but mostly I explore. That brings me to this excellent android open-world game that is a lot like GTA, only free! The graphics are great and the controls are excellent, especially with a controller. This game lets me roam around the open world when I am unable to play GTA on home consoles. Must play!

Wind-up Knight

You guys know that I love playing side-scrolling platforming games and Wind-Up Knight is surely one of the absolute best! The 2.5D graphics are excellent for this genre and the player runs continuously while we get to control when to fight, shield, jump and duck. The game is simple enough but it gets punishingly difficult in the later levels. The company also released Wind-Up Knight 2 which is slightly more difficult so I recommend you start here.


Do check out a controller to enhance your mobile gaming experience by visiting the link in the image below. I recently bought the Ipega Red Knight and it is the best controller for android I have ever used. Support the website by buying from the link below!



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