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For a long time I have struggled with researching the best media and the best way to experience it. Which albums are the best in each genre? Which artists have the most must-listen songs?
Which is the best headphone in my budget? Should I stream from Apple or Spotify or should I download Hi-Res tracks for the best experience?
Top ten movies in horror? Drama?

Gaming is perhaps the most researched media for me because I haven’t played many games yet I have watched so many top ten lists for consoles, games, games in genres, even speed runs. I have enjoyed the handful of games I have completed on consoles but I have spent even more time on researching other games.

Here’s my newest waste of time: comparing the iPhone to Android (again) and getting into the whole apple vs android discussion, spiraling to other tech product categories and so on. Such rabbit holes are a major waste of time because they will do nothing to change my current life. I will continue to use the devices I currently own, which are fragmented across brands, hardware and software. A deep dive into the comparison won’t convince me to spend real money. So it is all pointless. Unless my devices actually break and I have to make an informed decision to buy a new one. By then, this accumulated information will go for a toss because technology evolves so fast that the current problems will be overcome and new problems will take their place.

A lot of us get into this decision paralysis due to the extensive amount of choice we get on the internet. Research has shown that people are happier with less options to choose from, instead of an endless array of infinite choices. So perhaps the answer would be to limit our choices in some way.

The solution is simple: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it just works then don’t bother changing it. If you are perfectly happy making art with pen and paper, do it. Don’t waste time looking up all the fancy stationary you don’t need and don’t look into digital art unless you are willing to switch from what you are already comfortable with. Instead of constantly trying to find the best of the best, looking up top ten lists and never deciding, just pick something and enjoy it.

It’s about time I realized that I need to stop optimizing everything and enjoy what I have, the way I can. A better solution is to make my current devices awesome, repurpose them, make them last long . This is perhaps the best fix to the problem of over researching unnecessary stuff. Take note of the devices you have, find out what they can do and make them work in a way that fulfills your needs.

There will be times when you will need to do a little bit of research. In that case, instead of getting sucked into the endless rabbit hole, just apply limits by determining your requirements first, then decide a deadline on when to stop and just pick one.

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