Stranger Things

Normally, I avoid Action/Crime/Drama TV series and stick to Comedies. I did try watching a few non-comedies (Suits and Breaking Bad) but I didn’t like them.

I got into horror movies and books last year and thoroughly enjoyed most of them. I like it when horror movies work on slowly building tension and having a deeply detailed scary story instead of over-reliance on cheap scares. This is why I prefer the books for horror fiction.

I got a three-month free trial for Netflix and started to explore their catalogue. Again, I stayed true to comedies and watched Brooklyn Nine Nine (amazing show) and That 70s Show (also great). The interface of Netflix encourages browsing around for the next best show or movie (sometimes I scroll for a long time without actually watching anything). So one day, I chanced upon Stranger Things. I knew many people talk about this. I watched the trailer.

Just as I saw the trailer, I wanted to watch this show. I set aside a time the next day to watch the hour-long first episode.

Stranger things is an utterly fascinating series. It just blew me away.

Some parts were so genuinely scary that I couldn’t sleep at night thinking about it.

The story is this: one boy from a group of kids goes missing, one strange girl shows up who has super powers and the little, quiet town is in threat from other-worldly beings. Horror storytelling at its finest. Just when I finished the first season, I was happy at the conclusion and mentally thanked the creators for not adding a stupid cliffhanger. They actually gave it a fitting ending.

Then the second season begins and all hell breaks loose!

This time, the stakes are even higher. I did not think this could be as good as the first, but it was excellent. The character development here cements the gang into our memories.

There’s also a bunch of extra behind-the-scenes videos which are worth checking out.

The third season comes out in July. Now, drop everything and read carefully:
Get your free first month’s trial to Netflix in JULY.

Or if you already used that, well, pay for the month of July and watch all three seasons. You won’t regret it.

Update June 2019: Season 3 is also excellent! Must watch.


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