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Running is exhilarating, yet meditative; tiring, yet energizing. I’ve been running at least once a week since the summer of 2012 and it is hands down my favorite exercise. Back then, I couldn’t run 2kms at a stretch and now I run at least 5kms every time I go out (10-15kms sometimes). I finished two 10km runs organised by local groups and my personal record was 22kms when I ran for about two and half hours straight while sipping glucose powder-infused water.

Back then, I was the only weirdo running in the streets and people stared at me like an alien. Today, I see so many people running, it makes me happy that I am no longer the odd-man-out. (although it was kinda fun to be the lone wolf)

Beware: Running is addictive and running in the rain is the most heavenly feeling you will ever experience!

Why Running Is Best For Beginners

Running, cycling and swimming are considered the best workouts; swimming is considered superior because it engages your entire body. However, for swimming, you need access to a pool and an instructor for a few weeks to get started. For cycling, you need a bicycle which can get expensive and requires maintenance. If you never learnt cycling, there’s that additional learning time. Running is the best: cheapest because all you need are decent running shoes (₹1000-2000 is sufficient) and simple workout clothing: jersey and tracks/shorts. That’s it! You need very less to start running. Of course it’s good to watch a couple videos on proper running form, but you can learn that through trial and error as well (like I did, after many months of pain..)

Getting Started

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • Run on your toes and avoid landing on your heel. Take soft steps, don’t jar your legs. Feel the spring-like motion in your knees and heels.
  • Carry water in a sipper. Take small sips in between. Don’t drink too much or too less.
  • Run facing the oncoming traffic so you can be on the lookout for bad drivers and be safe. Wear light colors if you run in darkness or semi-darkness.
  • Go at sunrise or sunset for maximum fun.
  • Dealing with street dogs: don’t fear, they’ll just bark, won’t attack. Keep a slow pace, walk if necessary. Look in their eyes, then look away, and repeat while you walk away. Raise your sipper for threatening them if they come too close.
  • Get music/podcasts for inspiration.
  • Go on different routes to avoid getting bored of the same old one.
  • Use the Strava app. Record your runs and get inspired by other’s runs.
  • Reward yourself with new running gear.
  • Stretching is important after a run.
  • Adequate food and sleep to recover quickly. Eat veggies and fruits. Eat a small banana before a run for a boost of energy.
  • Get someone to join in. Running is more fun together!
  • Run at a leisurely pace. You should be able to talk normally.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for fat loss. Run fast for 15 seconds, walk for 60 seconds, then repeat. Do this 10 times. Helps in fat loss

Now go out there and finish your first run! Let me know any questions you have and share your experience in the comments below! Shop for running gear on Amazon by clicking the button below. This will earn me a tiny commission and support this website.

Go Forth!

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