Be Proud of Who You Are!

Whether you are introverted and like the indoors more than the outdoors or a sportsperson totally crazy about your game, or you greatly appreciate the arts,  be that way! We have our own interests and those may be completely different from others, but you be proud of who you are.

I’ve known people who are shy and sometimes even ashamed of their last names. How ridiculous is that!? It’s not something you choose,  you’re born with it so be proud of it!

Something which forces us to hide our true selves is peer pressure. ‘What would others think about me?’ Who cares? Big deal what they think of you! What matters is what you think about yourself! Just remember this: The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter, don’t mind’!

I personally take pride in myself being different from many others about various aspects of life. I am proud to be different; proud of the fact that there’s no one out there like me. Being different is not necessarily a bad thing.

So,  stop copying every new trend that pops up and stop copying all your favorite celebrities. Be unique,  be one and only and be happy!

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  1. Great Gaurav. Yes, I am proud of myself that I am different than others.


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