Morality v/s Intellect

Once in high school, our English professor who was also learned in Psychology, asked us this question: If you could have only one of these, what would it be- Morality or Intellect? To this, a classmate and I almost immediately answered in unison.

Classmate- Intellect.
Morality is having and holding on to your values and beliefs. It is about following the right path in life. Morality is staying true to what you believe is right and standing up to those beliefs. I have my own set of values including honesty, staying true to my word, not judging people, sincerity, courtesy and chivalry.
  • I believe in being truthful, all the while being considerate of the feelings of others to this honesty. I know it is very difficult to be completely honest all the time but hey, I do the best I can!
  •  When I give my word, I commit to it completely. That means fulfilling all promises and responsibilities and never going back on my words.
  • I don’t believe anyone is entitled to judge anyone on this planet. Each person is different and unique in their own special way, so it is very wrong to judge anyone on their physical appearance, intellectual capacity, way of life or anything of that sort.
  • I believe that when I am doing something, I commit to it one hundred percent. Be it academics, music studies, or something as simple as talking to a friend and not getting distracted by the vibrating phone in my pocket. When I go running, I do my best. Everything I do, I try to do it better than the last time I did it. When you are passionate about  something, sincerity automatically follows.
  • Courtesy is applicable to all walks of life, like being respectful of the performer on stage and staying quiet in the audience, saying sorry or thanks or please in our daily interactions are all very essential. Even returning a missed call without fail is being courteous.
  • Chivalry is being respectful of women. Avoiding cursing them and directing your anger toward them and never hitting them in you rage is being chivalrous. So men, keep your dirty jokes away from women because most of them do not appreciate it. And making those jokes is also ungentlemanly and uncool.
So there you go, these are the reasons why I would choose morality over intellect because I believe that if a person does have their own values, what good is it for them to live in this society with nothing as a guide to right and wrong?
What would you choose between intellect and morality? What are your own moral values? Make sure you comment in the box below! Do subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the top right corner. Mobile users scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on view as web page or something like that and then you can subscribe!

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