Does binging media make it less fun?

We all require some form of media to relax after a long day. For me, that usually means reading a book, listening to music or watching YouTube. The term ‘binging’ used by people who watch whole seasons of a TV series has me intrigued. I recall a time more than a decade ago, when we…

Netflix and YouTube for Digital Minimalists

Picture this: It’s been a long day and you are exhausted, physically and mentally. You just want to kick back and relax with some good content to watch. A lot of times we prefer watching videos instead of reading or gaming because those two take up some mental resources whereas videos can be watched passively….

5 things to do in 5 minutes (instead of social media)

Any form of short content (like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) is so popular (and can be addictive) because we either don’t have much time to consume long form content (like books, movies, albums) or we believe we don’t have enough time to consume them. I often find myself wanting to look at my phone in the…

Digital Minimalism #1: Social Media

Ever since the smartphone age peaked with powerful devices coupled with fast internet; we have all admitted to the problems that came along with them. All sorts of addictions fueled our lives and we strove to find respite from them. A brilliant philosophy resonated with me which has been discussed for a few years now….

Take control of your free time

There comes a time when the 24 hours in a day are just not enough. Whether you are a student with too many classes to attend or a working adult with long workdays; at the end of the day you will feel overwhelmed. You would want to sit down and relax with some mindless leisure….

What I Learnt in Two Years as a Vegan (still going strong)

I just had to include the parenthesis “still going strong” because so many idiots write articles and videos on how they quit being vegan. Those were never vegan to begin with, if they just ‘quit’. Veganism is an ideology, a lifestyle based on that ideology and not a dietary plan that you can ‘quit’. So…

Easy method to stick to good habits

We humans are terrible at sticking to good habits. Often, we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of bad habits like procrastination and living a life of eternal self-sabotage. The reason why it is hard to stick to good habits is just that- bad habits are easy to do, good habits are hard to stick…

Why Can’t We Focus?

Do you pull out your smartphone too often and don’t even realize it? Say, while watching a movie that you are actually enjoying? For me, the big moment of realization was a hard punch in the gut. I was thoroughly enjoying a book and yet, I pulled out my phone to check social media. I was…

Are You Always Busy?

‘Busyness’ (as in having a lot of stuff to do throughout the day) is often mistaken as an indicator of productivity. Just doing stuff all the time does not make you more productive. Productivity is all about getting more done in less time with more efficiency so that you have time to pursue other activities….

How to manage multiple projects?

Most of us have multiple interests and have the ability to pursue more than one at a time. We often don’t give much thought to it as we settle into your routine of college and jobs. What is it that you have always wanted to do, but couldn’t, due to whatever reasons? Widen your horizon…