How to get back into reading

As a kid, I changed cities, schools and apartments half a dozen times. Although I was an introvert, I quickly learnt how to make friends and not be alone. However, my first priority for having fun was (and still is) reading fiction. My mother got me into the habit of reading when I was a kid and that has made me who I am today. Starting from comic books and kids magazines and eventually reading half the books in school libraries, I have always loved to escape into the worlds created by good writers. Over the years, I got lured by the internet and reading took a back seat. Over the past few years, I have slowly built up the amount of time I put into reading and figured someone might be in the same boat.

Although I majorly want to address people like me who once loved reading, fell out of it and then got back into it; I also want to stress that this will apply to complete new readers as well. Try these tips:

  1. Understand the fact that reading is THE superior form of entertainment and that you enjoy it above all else. Because books make you imagine everything, it makes the experience much more personal as you feel that you are in the story.
  2. Always have more than one book to read. This means multiple genres, maybe different kinds (manga/ novel/ short stories/ non fiction) to keep it fresh. This will make it easier to pick up another book when one gets a bit boring instead of resorting to your phone.
  3. Pick up a book when bored, not your phone. Keep book within reach at all times and phone away.
  4. Schedule time for reading i.e. before bed, lunch time. You can always read at other times too, but these are designated reading times.
  5. Get comfortable with reading in uncomfortable positions. While eating, in toilet, standing in the train, walking… maybe avoid reading while walking, it can be dangerous… personal experience…
  6. Get into the reading community and discuss books. Join Goodreads and other online reading groups and forums that discuss books. Bonus: get your friends and family to read your favorite books and discuss. No spoilers!
  7. What to read? Look up ‘best of’ lists for your genre of choice and just buy/borrow any book that seems interesting and read it, without checking the reviews. You might find a hidden gem. You can also check my list of best books!

That’s it! Happy reading!

Thanks for reading!

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