Album Recommendations: Metal and K-Pop

I’ve been listening to a lot of music these days and ever since I started long distance running way back in 2013, I’ve preferred full albums over playlists or single tracks. An album is generally a better way to enjoy music because most of them have some sort of continuity in them, either in theme or genre.

Lamb of God – Lamb of God
This self-titled album by Lamb of God is a perfect example of what made them awesome in the first place: crunchy guitars, fabulous screams and manic drumming. The album feels more like a refinement of their old raw sound from the early days of Burn the Priest and it is sure to get your heart racing. I recommend this for an intense workout session.

Eyes Wide Open – TWICE
The music video I can’t stop me from TWICE’s latest album Eyes Wide Open seems similar in style to Fancy but at the same time, it is a fresh take on their musical persona. The entire album is fabulous and you will want to listen on repeat. The retro themed album is a throwback to the early 2000s dance hits with an altogether fresh feel and will make you want more & more.

Abyss – Unleash The Archers
Abyss by Unleash the Archers was a surprise discovery for me with its powerful female vocals, fast power metal and melodic death metal elements similar in style to Arch Enemy. A less harsh take on modern metal for beginners with some rock elements as well.

Origins – Eluveitie
Honestly, I adore every single album by Eluveitie, I wrote a separate article on them! For now, I will recommend Origins because I have listened to it a bit more than the others and it still holds the same charm it did for me so many years ago when I loaded this up on my mp3 player and went on long runs. Every track blends into the others perfectly and first and last track will make you feel like you are listening to a medieval folk tale. The melody keeps me in a dreamlike pleasant state while the perfect transitions into death metal keep me motivated to keep going.

Sagas – Equilibrium
Still one of my favourites to this date owing to the great emphasis they placed on fast paced, upbeat instrumental compositions revolving around folk melodies. This made my runs at sunset the most epic adventure I had. It has an ‘epic fantasy’ feel to it that you will appreciate; think of it like Lord of the Rings but metal.

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