Apple Music on Android still sucks, Here’s how to deal with it

Even after all these years, Apple Music on Android still sucks. So much so, that it frustrates the hell out of me. I have used alternatives like Spotify but I still prefer Apple for the larger library and the app interface which focuses on album recommendations and curated playlists. I have developed ways to overcome the many problems that plague the Apple Music Android app. The app is much better on iPad and iPhone which I feel is very unfair because Android users pay the same amount and yet deal with the inferior experience. All references to the app henceforth will be to the Android version only.

Firstly, the app works just fine when listening online. Yes, there are some glitches but they are rare and you’ll be happy for the most part. The problems begin when you download something. A lot of issues plague downloaded music.

Downloaded albums are fine for the most part but often the album art will appear blank when playing offline. The playlists that get updated frequently are the worst problems. When playing such playlists offline, the album art will come on some songs and not on others. Then, if you let Apple Music connect to the internet, it will mess with the playlists that got updated and delete some tracks without downloading the new ones.

Here’s what I do to make it suck less:
Use the app exclusively online, don’t download anything. If you must download, download albums and singles, not playlists. Even then be prepared for blank album art.

If you need to download playlists too, either use a separate phone for listening to music and keep the internet off or, if it’s on your primary phone, use an app like Net Guard and disallow Apple Music from accessing the internet. Download whatever you want while using Internet and then disable internet/ use net guard and keep it that way for a few days until you listen to most of the stuff you downloaded. As long a the app can’t connect to the internet, playlists will remain as they are and nothing will be deleted because they don’t know it’s been updated. You won’t get lyrics, and album art will disappear but you can listen to everything you downloaded.

After this process when you are ready to download new music, you will need to clear app data to delete everything and then sign in.If you try to download before clearing everything, your new downloads won’t appear at all, even though they’ve taken up space.

While downloading too many songs, the downloads will often freeze. Don’t kill the app. They have included this new feature where you can pause and resume downloads. That’ll do the trick.

Also when using offline, try not to close or force close the app or switch off your device. That sometimes messes with the downloads so it’s better to keep the app on. That’s another reason why I suggest using a separate older device for Apple Music which you have lying around the house.

So there you go. There are a ton of problems with Apple Music on android but for me, it is still the best music service so I have to bear with the shortcomings. What about you? How do you overcome these problems? Do you prefer other apps, and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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