Review: Strong Girl Do Bong Soon

Like the other K-drama I watched and reviewed, I started watching this one with the same motive – to supplement my Korean language studies with light entertainment. As it so happens, the entertainment was just superb. I expected a fun romantic comedy and it delivered perfectly. I watched the hour-long episodes in two or three parts, enjoying the show as light entertainment in my free time; not something which compels a long session of binge watching.

Like the previous series I watched (I’m not a robot) this one also has a very unrealistic scenario. The main character Do Bong Soon is inhumanely strong, contrary to how she looks – short, cute and bubbly. This super strength has been passed though her family line to all the females: her mother had it, her grandmother has it. The catch is, if you use the power for selfish gain, or for harming an innocent person, it gets taken away. This happened to her mother who used the power to become one of the top sportswomen and it all came crashing down when the power was lost.

Do Bong Soon is the fun girl-next-door character. She is bubbly, cheerful and dreams of making a mobile game where she is the main character. Although she strives to keep her powers secret from the world, she often gets into situations where she has to use her power to save the innocent from harm. One of the leading men, Kim Min Gyu chances upon her using these powers to fight off goons. He seems very interested in her and soon employs her to be his bodyguard; he had been receiving death threats as of late. Upon finding out that he is the CEO of a famous mobile game company (and the enormous salary promised), Do Bong Soon agrees to the job offer.

Soon we come across a young police officer named Guk Doo who is a childhood friend of Do Bong Soon and she has a huge crush on him. Guk Doo is blind to her attention and seems to be stuck on the idea of friendship.

Now comes the part that put off many people who watched this show: there is a side story of a man who kidnaps girls and is very violent in doing so. This lends a very dark tone to the otherwise lighthearted comedy. He is keen on getting seven girls, all very slim to his liking and he intends to marry them all. He keeps them in a dark dungeon and often hits them when they don’t cooperate. The story peaks in emotional tone when Do Bong Soon’s best friend is also kidnapped by this person. (By the way the actress who played Do Bong Soon can cry very well. Just something I had to point out…)

Although this grim side story seems strange at first, it is connected to the main story line and it leads to a very good confrontation between the two of them in the end. The limits of Do Bong Soon’s powers are put to the test by the surprisingly clever villain. The villain is very well fleshed out and poses a real challenge to the super powerful Bong Soon which is a good thing.

During this side story, we see Kim Min Gyu confess his feelings for Bong Soon and she feels that perhaps she reciprocates them, making her confused about her huge crush on Guk Doo. It leads to the cliche love triangle which I was expecting to dislike but it turned out just fine.

It has a happy ending, as a romcom should. Whom will she choose? What happens to the villain and the kidnapped girls? Does she star in her own game? Does she retain her powers?

The show is a cute romance with plenty of funny scenes and a good villain. The plethora of interesting and quirky side characters keep the humor fresh. Overall an excellent entertainer if you are looking for a fun show to kick back and relax. I watched it on Netflix India, it is also available on Rakuten Viki.

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