Twice, Onces and K-pop

Some time in 2018 as I was browsing YouTube, I came across a playlist called ‘popular music in Asia’. The thumbnail was attractive: beautiful girls in bright colourful outfits so I clicked on it (naturally). I did watch a couple more videos in that playlist but none of them stayed on my mind like the very first one. Little did I know the impact this girl-group would have on me.

I enjoyed the music video immensely. It was called “Likey” by TWICE. The music: very upbeat, the video: vibrant and the girls: very pretty. I liked it so much that I recommended it to everyone and even included it in an article. Then I forgot about them for about a year. I didn’t seek out more of their work, nor did they appear on my YouTube recommendations. I watched Likey a few more times in the next few months but that was it. Perhaps I was sticking to what I liked as I feared their other works might not be as good.

Then, sometime during 2019, I actively sought them out and watched a couple more music videos. Even more cuteness with super catchy, good pop music. As I scrolled through the comments, I noticed people commenting so-and-so girl looks so cute in this video and so-and-so sings so well here and I got this desire to learn about their names. I found a music video by TWICE that literally does that. This song says their names and a little about their personalities in a short, catchy song. As I continued to dig deeper, I found a couple of videos giving a brief overview of how the group was formed and more about the personalities of the members.

TWICE was formed on a survival reality show where 16 women competed to join a new girl group under (apparently super famous in South Korea) JYP entertainment. The 9 girls finally selected formed the new group TWICE. They say they are called that because they will charm you twice- once with their music and once with their beauty. Yeah that is accurate!

However, the music videos are just one part of the charm of TWICE. These girls have amazing personalities that come through in their casual videos. So, not just their music videos, but their live appearances; their daily vlogs and random videos are super fun and sweet. Apart from that, they appear as guests on other Korean shows, perform at concerts and post many videos. This has made the fan community the official guides to TWICE content for new people who don’t know where to start, what to watch. From memes to concert compilations, funny moments, updates and more, the fan community happily compiles it all.

The TWICE fandom is called Once. Seemed weird at first but what else could be used? TWICEs? Once is apparently the name given to the fan community by TWICE themselves so okay.

Joining a new fandom isn’t always a pleasant experience. Some fandoms are defunct, some are too minuscule and others are downright toxic. However, ONCEs are literally the best. They are super supportive, always positive and have never hated on other groups.

This article was mainly my effort to bring to light the amazing work of TWICE and to express my gratitude to TWICE and Onces. Through TWICE, I discovered a whole new unexplored genre- K-pop. I watched and listened to a few more K-pop songs and a lot of them were quite good. It makes me happy that good pop music is still being made, when English-language pop hasn’t been all good lately. There’s BTS which is super popular and I did like the few videos I watched of them. So much more awaits! You can check out TWICE with the videos that I embedded below.

Thank you TWICE for your hard work and for making us smile.

Thank you ONCEs for being supportive, positive and being the best fandom ever. I’m proud to be a part of ONCE.

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Enjoy these TWICE videos!

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