Online Privacy: DNS and VPN

Using the internet the way we do everyday is frankly very unsafe. There are companies who are very keen to know each and everything you do on your devices that should be morally out of their reach. These corporations make big bucks by selling our data to advertisers so they make accurate profiles of our interests and send us ads. Some people consider this acceptable (targeted ads of products I care about are better than random ads) BUT, we never know what else they will do with the truck loads of data they have on us. Then we believe that since we have nothing to hide, we must not worry. Like I mentioned in the previous article on this topic, Just because you have no scars does not mean you should walk around with naked.

Using the internet without any precautions is the equivalent of walking around naked. In the previous article, we discussed which apps and websites we should quit using and the alternatives to those. This time we focus on DNS and VPN.

DNS (Domain Name System)


DNS is basically like a phone book that your computer accesses when it needs to know the IP address of a website you type in. Your WiFi router is probably using a default DNS or one by Google, which, for obvious reasons you must change. This is easy to change.

If you use an iBall router like I do, your router’s IP address must be
If this does not work, just search for the IP address of your router’s brand. This IP will take you to your router settings where you must change your DNS settings and type in the box. This will make your web browsing more secure. Also, is actually the fastest DNS meaning your browsing and downloading activities will see a rise in speed. Changing router settings is the best so that all your devices get that additional layer of security and speed. Additionally, you can use the official app for on your Android and iOS devices, especially if you are using data or public WiFi.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN effectively changes your IP address itself, making it appear as if you are accessing the internet from an entirely different country. This automatically makes your activity more private, although sometimes it may make your connection slower. VPNs can be used to access content from other countries that is unavailable to your country; as if making an underground tunnel from your home to the other country.

There are multiple VPNs available with a multitude of so-called ‘free’ VPNs. Again, as I pointed out in the last article: (In most cases) If you are getting a product for free, that means YOU ARE the product. Most of these free VPNs are notorious for recording your activity online which is absolutely contrary to our objective of securing online privacy.

I have had the chance to test two VPN services. The folks over at Ivacy VPN reached out to me a month ago, requesting an honest review. They let me test out the full version of their VPN on all my devices for a few weeks. I also used Proton VPN (free) to compare with Ivacy. Here’s what I found:

Proton VPN needs a Protonmail account and they are both free (with limitations). The free service works fine for browsing and reading articles but for video streaming and downloading files, it is extremely slow. This could be because the free account only allows you to connect to a handful of free servers around the globe. I believe this is the only trustworthy free VPN you can use now, but as I mentioned, it is super slow with the free plan.

Ivacy VPN is actually a good service. The app works flawless on all devices and connects quickly. I really liked the feature ‘Smart connect’ where at the tap of a button, it quickly connects my device to the fastest server at the moment, in a random country. Any action I performed online, while connected to Ivacy was just as fast as it would without any VPN which is impressive.

So these are the two options I suggest. I would obviously recommend Ivacy because for a small fee: you get a fast VPN, can connect to any country’s server, has smart connect and is unlimited. If you hurry and sign up using the affiliate link below you can save as high as 87% off on their subscription with a 30-day money back guarantee! That’s how confident they are of their service!


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