Are You Always Busy?

‘Busyness’ (as in having a lot of stuff to do throughout the day) is often mistaken as an indicator of productivity. Just doing stuff all the time does not make you more productive. Productivity is all about getting more done in less time with more efficiency so that you have time to pursue other activities.

I don’t understand why people take great pride in being busy all the time; in not being able to spend time with family and friends because of their job/college/school. Are you trying to portray yourself as superior by saying that? Because my dear, although it may make you appear productive and super successful, it also makes you appear sad and lonely.

There’s only so much that money and a career can grant you. If in the process of climbing the career ladder, you lose touch with real people that care about you, the success really doesn’t amount to much.

I hate being busy and hence avoid it as much as possible. Rarely ever will you find my day’s schedule filled with important commitments.

It seems that the more control I have over my life, the happier I am. When I feel like I have the full freedom to do what I want with my time, I am happy. The stress starts to creep in when I see that too much of my day is being dictated by commitments and other things that I have no control over.

Maybe this is just an introvert thing, but I feel wonderful when any plan gets cancelled that I am only half enthusiastic about. I do get pissed when plans I really wanted to happen get cancelled (book clubs/movie plans) but in most other cases, I am happy to get that extra slot of time to spend however I like. I require a fair amount of control over my life.

Back in the summer of ’16 and ’17 when I was an intern at law firms, those two months were the most stressful, ever. The people there were great, I learned a good deal and the working atmosphere was good overall. But the thing that I absolutely hated was that I had zero control over my day. I only got two hours in the morning which was barely enough to do one or two of my usual activities (meditation, workout, journaling, guitar practice, writing and reading). Combine that with two hours of commute each way, my time was completely out of my control.

The bottom line is, the concept of ‘work-life balance’ exists for a reason. Work and studies are a part of life, not life itself. Don’t be busy all the time- keep open slots in your schedule whenever possible and chill out.



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