How to manage multiple projects?

Most of us have multiple interests and have the ability to pursue more than one at a time. We often don’t give much thought to it as we settle into your routine of college and jobs. What is it that you have always wanted to do, but couldn’t, due to whatever reasons? Widen your horizon and look out for new ideas. Write it all down.

Imagine yourself on your deathbed. What would be the one thing that you would regret not having done in your life? That has to be the number one priority in your life. For me, it would be writing my novels.

We often have multiple good ideas swimming around in our heads. The problem is, we only have a limited amount of time and willpower to dedicate to our goals. You might get burnt out by juggling too much at a time. That, my friend, is when you have to decide what to prioritize.

Now this is when you have to look at the ideas you have written down and narrow them down to just two or three that you feel most excited about. Then write down the pros and cons of pursuing these ideas and figure out all the details- how much time it will take you to get started, how much time you want to dedicate, what is your goal with pursuing it and so on.

I have a long list of activities that I pursue on a regular basis and sometimes find it hard to manage everything satisfactorily. I would not recommend you to start this many projects. Best stick to 2 or 3.

The best way to manage your projects is to sit down, think about it, write about it and
Make a priority list.

For example, these are the projects that I am currently pursuing arranged according to priority:

  1. Creative writing (daily- ideas, stories, scenes, outlines, characters, writing prompts)
  2. Legal studies (daily- studying, pursuing a masters degree)
  3. Guitar studies (daily- practice, learning from a master)
  4. Journaling (daily)
  5. Meditation (daily)
  6. Website (twice a week- publish articles)
  7. Fitness (at least 5 days a week- running, gym and mixed martial arts)

This is the list I consult when I have to decide what to give preference to when I have limited time or energy and pick out the higher ones over the lower ones.

Here are the ideas that I have currently kept in limbo as I might pursue them someday but not currently:

  1. Starting a YouTube channel because I want to get my ideas out to the world and more people watch videos than reading articles. I will need to dedicate time to learn about recording and editing videos.
  2. Starting a small business to have a source of income. A whole lot of stuff to figure out.
  3. Working at an office or under a senior lawyer to learn the profession. Will need to dedicate serious time and effort.

Good luck!

Are you like me and juggle multiple projects at a time? How do you prioritize? Let me know in the comments below.

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