Are we losing real friends?

Mental health awareness has grown more than ever. Is it because more people are reporting it or are more people negatively affected in the digital age? I believe it is the latter.

Theoretically, we should be happier, sitting at home, able to see what’s up with everyone’s lives in a couple of clicks; able to reach out to anyone in the world in an instant. But the truth is, we are not.

We display a forever jubilant life online and when we scroll through this, we feel bad because we have had our ups and downs (like everyone else) but we believe these people are forever happy and we are not.

Having friends online is considered a fine alternative to real life friends when it really is not. I feel sad when someone says they don’t need friends and “most people are fake”.

I believe many of us are making this replacement by prioritizing real relationships less and less and it’s impacting us badly.

Please put in effort to maintain and grow social relationships. I guarantee that you will have some amazing times. As life catches on, you are gonna get busier and have less and less free time. Better build good friendships now and maintain them soon.

Yes it is safe to sit behind a username but it’s nowhere close to real connection.

Don’t tell me you are an introvert, because I am one too. Read this article:

Wanna be an Ambivert? Here’s how.

Don’t give up on people so easily.

Don’t wait for someone to make plans and invite you. Take up the task and reconnect with folks you enjoy being with.

Cheers to a happier life with friends!

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