The Joy of Journaling

For the last four years, I have been writing down my thoughts on paper regularly and it has changed my life. In this article, I’ll tell you how it has enriched my life and why you should start journaling today.

What are your goals?

I started writing a diary because I wanted to keep a record of my thoughts that could be read many years later. Initially, I wrote very irregularly. Sometimes I only wrote when something interesting happened in my life. Otherwise, the notebook would stay in the shelf. Eventually, I realized how therapeutic the experience of writing on paper is. I consider journaling and meditation equally important to maintain my peace of mind. Today, I write in my journal at least twice a day- once after waking up and once before going to bed. Often, I write multiple times in a day. You decide what your goals should be for journaling. Otherwise you can just start and see what new benefits you notice.

Benefits of Journaling daily:

  • Therapeutic relief of clearing your mind
  • Getting solutions to problems since writing them down make solutions clear
  • Practice gratitude by acknowledging everything that is good in your life
  • Structuring your day and deciding priorities
  • A record of the lessons you learnt and how much you have grown
  • Solidifying and improving upon ideas
  • Mindfulness and self-reflection keeps overthinking at bay


Digital or Physical?

Should you write digitally (computer/phone) or physical (notebooks/diaries)?
I write in both mediums. I write digital for everything I want to keep a record of and will publish someday like my stories, novel ideas, productivity ideas, articles, and more. My notebooks are for personal thoughts. I don’t intend to publish my personal thoughts at all, and writing down that stuff makes me happier.

Which medium would you choose? Let me know in the comments. I would highly suggest pen and paper. If you worry that someone might read your journal, take it with you when you go out. Or write in code or abbreviations that only you can decipher.


How to start?

Decide on a time of the day- either just after getting up or before going to bed and stick to that time daily. Have a basic goal of 4-5 sentences each day. No rules on what to write; just write anything and everything that comes to your mind. The best part is- You decide what your journal should be about. It can be super specific or it can cover everything in your life! Try it out and let me know your experience in the comments below!


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