How to Meditate

Why Meditate?

It is important to sit back, relax and think of nothing at all. Time to turn off your brain for a while. But why?

  • Calm mind leads to better focus in your work and studies.
  • Overthinking leads to negative emotions like irritation and rage.

Especially in today’s age when we are constantly bombarded by notifications; we need to cultivate peace. Inner peace equals outer peace. Always.

I’ll recommend you to meditate first thing in the morning after you have had a glass of water and freshened up. If you want, just do the first step for a few days to build the habit. Then proceed to first two and then all three. I guarantee that if you build a good meditation habit, you will feel wonders creep up in your daily life, you will be feeling happier and more energized every day.

Disclaimer: If you have serious mental health issues, please consult a psychologist. Meditation may not help you in that case. You can still try, but better get help from a professional.


Step 1: Breathe, Stop thinking

Sit down on the floor cross-legged with your back resting against a wall. Keep your hands one-above-the-other with palms facing upwards on your lap. Sit with a straight back and close your eyes.

Start taking note of your current thoughts. What are you thinking about? Then pick out one thought and imagine it as a ball of colorful light coming out of your chest. Now you expand that ball into a big ring around your body, horizontally. Then imagine the ring expanding so wide that it’s only faintly visible in the distance. It’s there in your mind, but it no longer disturbs you. Repeat this process for every thought that crops in your head and expand them far away. Now enjoy the peace and calm of the empty space around you, don’t pay attention to the ones far away.

Take a deep breath, all the way to your stomach, feel it expand. Slowly release it. Repeat this process ten times. Every time your mind starts thinking, gently expand that thought in a ring and come back to focus on breathing. After a while you will feel truly peaceful and quiet.


Step 2: Affirmations and Gratitude

For this step, make a list in advance. Think of all the reasons why your life is awesome. Condense it into short sentences. Try and limit it to five sentences. Examples:

  • I am deeply grateful for my wonderful mind and body that keeps me happy and healthy at all times.
  • I am grateful to all the wonderful people in my life who bring me joy.
  • I am strong and confident in all my abilities.

Write down your affirmations on a paper and try and remember them. Just remember the sentiment behind the words, it’s okay if you make up a similar sentence while meditating. Say these to yourself while breathing deeply.


Step 3: Visualizations

Finally, tell yourself how you are going to make your dreams come true and imagine those scenarios vividly. Imagine those dreams already coming true. How will you feel? Imagine it in great detail. I like to think of the wonderful place I’ll be living in, surrounded by trees and then how I’ll write my own novels, how I will be loved by readers across the globe. This is important as it empowers you, it provides you with motivation to work on your dreams.

Open your eyes with a smile and go through your day feeling  amazing!


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