The #1 Method to Kill Bad Habits

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How to kill bad habits (and create good ones)

The bad news is: habits can never be deleted entirely. The good news is: they can be replaced. Hence, the key lies in figuring out your habit loop, isolating your reward and replacing your routine with something beneficial. Hence the best method to a good replacement is:

Practice productive leisure that is more enjoyable than your current bad habit.

I found success by using this method to quit my YouTube addiction where I was wasting 3-4 hours per day watching mindless content. I know that reading is the one activity that has given me maximum happiness throughout my life. Hence, I replaced YouTube with reading. I now carry a book around the house (instead of my phone) and even when going out, I always have a book with me!

Another reason I was addicted to social media was that I felt lonely sitting at home almost every day. I made changes to that by meeting/calling/messaging friends and family. Yay!

What are you craving when you indulge in a bad habit?

There is an infinite number of activities you can engage in instead of bad habits which you know are ruining your life.

Which habit are you trying to quit? What will you replace it with? Let me know in the comments!

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