Why humans are inhuman II

Read part 1 here: Why humans are so inhuman

Why is it that we keep making excuses just to avoid admitting that we don’t care?
The saddest reality is: I cannot make you care about animals. People are completely selfish and apathetic when it comes to their taste. They absolutely don’t care. But is it that hard, that taxing to not harm someone?


‘I’m not an animal lover, why should I care for what happens to animals?’
You don’t have to love someone to recognize that they want to live. If I don’t like the citizens of country X or people belonging to religion Y; what should I do? Kill them? Or choose not to interfere in their lives? Suppose I don’t like human babies. Should I carry a knife around and kill each one of them? Does your not liking animals mean you should take part in their massacre?

What you need to realize, that by not taking action, you are killing innocent beings. 3000 innocent animals every second. How many seconds have elapsed since you started reading this article? Your inaction is causing suffering, rapes and death.

When I tell someone about the reality of meat and dairy industry and the next time I meet them, they sip a cup of tea like nothing happened! Like what I said was a joke to be forgotten. Just wow.

We like to pretend that we cause no harm just because we are unaware of it. I am here to make you aware that no matter how tightly you shut your eyes, animals are dying due to your choices.


For the first time in history you have the chance to take part directly in ending animal suffering by not buying products derived from animals. You have the ultimate power to stop paying for animal abuse. If you choose to ignore everything and continue to do what you did before, you are choosing to continue your contribution to suffering of innocents.

That milk in your tea, that’s not yours to drink. The chicken leg piece you enjoyed, that belonged to a living, breathing animal like yourself. People cry about their inability to give up cheese and ice cream. Dude, that was never yours in the first place.


It’s time you open your eyes and see the reality for what it is. Animals are truly innocent, they have not harmed us in any way and still we continue to take away the only thing they possess- their life.

What will you choose? Life or death?



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