Best Android apps for productivity

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Although I have often written about the negative effects of being over-dependent on smartphones; there exist ways to make tech work for you, instead of you becoming a slave to your phone. These apps will make your life easier so that you can focus on the important stuff and let your phone take care of the rest!

‘Productivity’ for me is about getting my daily tasks done in the most efficient manner. Basically getting things done.

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Loop – Habit Tracker

It is important to have consistency while working on your goals. It does no good if you study for six hours today and then ignore it for an entire week. Decide on a small threshold of work that has to be done in a day and when done, mark it on this app. Something like ’30 minutes of maths’ or ‘1 chapter of grammar’. Try not to break the streak and keep at it consistently! Over time, when you see all the tick marks build up, it will motivate you by showing you how far you have come.

Google Calendar

For getting consistent work done daily, it is a good idea to have it scheduled. Decide slots of time when you want to do the work. Something like ‘Go for a walk from 6pm-6:30pm’ or ‘Meditate from 6am to 6:15am’. You can also put down all plans and reminders on this app. This ensures that you will be reminded of important birthdays on time, every year! It is pointless to remember unnecessary info like the date when your motorbike insurance expires when you can easily add it to calendar and it will automatically remind you!

Google Keep

Google Keep is the best way to store short notes of miscellaneous information. You can make lists, add links, sync it online and best of all- it’s searchable. You can also create tags for specifics like ‘ideas’, ‘personal’ or ‘music’. Add notes like ‘Room number 125 at the University’ or ‘2 teaspoons of tea powder, 2 teaspoons of sugar for 1 cup soy tea’

There are so many good productivity apps on Android, so I decided to keep it simple this time and cover the basics. Would you like to see more of android apps on this website? Which are your favorite productivity apps? Let me know in the comments below!

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