Bored? Here’s how to add spice to life!

Do you feel like a zombie sometimes? Just living the daily life, nothing new, nothing exciting, always the same? Does it seem like everyone else leads a much more exciting life? When someone asks you, ‘How are you?’ do you respond with, ‘Zinda hu’? (Just existing)

It’s time to add some flavor to your life! Don’t just exist, start living!

Ditch social media, choose peace

The first thing you need to do is quit following social media too much. We upload the most wonderful pictures online to show others how much fun we are having when the reality may be far from it. Nobody portrays on social media their boring and sad days. That makes us subconsciously believe that their lives are all happy. Everyone has problems. Even that famous Instagram celebrity. Stop caring about the lives of others and stop comparing yours with them. You be you.

Go off the beaten path

Having a schedule and sticking to it has immense benefits for your personal productivity and mental well-being. However, sometimes it can get too monotonous and drain out all the fun. How do you overcome this? Simple- break away from the pattern for a while.

Take mini-vacations. Do something you always wanted to do. Take a day off from your routine and do what you love. Here are some activities to get started:

  • Meet that friend you wanted to catch up with but never had the time. We all have so many people in our lives we wish we spent more time with. Stop making excuses and make it happen!
  • Go on a trip. It could be short or long, in a group or solo. Go for a trek or ride a train all the way. If you are unable to actually go on a trip, just start planning for one someday in the future. The anticipation of a future vacation and making all sorts of exciting plans is actually fun. Research online and think about all you would do there!
  • Get immersed in really good art. Explore a new art form that you’ve never experienced before. Attend a music concert, go to an art gallery, watch a play or read mangas and comics!
  • Take a class or join a club of your interest. Look up like-minded people online who have regular meetups and go. It is never too late to learn something new. Let the curious learner in you take over!
  • Take up a new hobby. Try some sports, go trekking, learn an instrument, learn a new language, learn to express yourself creatively through writing, painting, music or dance!

Of course this list is only a small fraction of what we can do. What are you gonna do to gain back that sense of wonder in life? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to follow my social accounts so that you never miss a new article! Also, click on the ‘follow’ button to enter your email address to get updates. Bookmark this site and tune in on Sundays at 11am and Wednesdays at 5pm for new articles!



Book recommendation for this week:


Jonathan Livingston Seagull is frustrated with the meaningless conventionality of a seagull’s life. He is bored by the daily bickering for food and the limitations that define a seagull’s life. Driven with a passion for flying, he pushes himself in audacious mid-air feats and experiments to learn all that he can about flying. His passion to push boundaries lands him in a conflict with his flock, who eventually banish him.

Living as an outcast, Jonathan’s determination does not fade and he continues his efforts to fly higher. In his quest, he meets two radiant seagulls who take him to a ‘higher plane of existence’ through perfection of knowledge. Here, he meets other gulls that love flying, and teach him the idea of unlimited freedom. Jonathan learns that forgiving is essential and reaches back to Earth to his flock to teach them his newfound ideals.

This book is a distinguished motivational fable about seeking a higher purpose in life, even if the circumstances seem inconvenient. By not deserting his quest, Jonathan learns about the importance of love, respect, freedom and forgiveness.

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