Introvert or Extrovert? You need to be both

In case you didn’t know, there exist two mindsets of people that define their daily lives- Introverts and Extroverts.

The difference between the two categories is:

  • Introverts gain energy by spending time alone and get discharged by spending time with people.
  • Extroverts gain energy by spending time with people and get discharged by being alone.

Hence, most people who prefer being alone or being with a small group of people are termed introverts and those who are always seen with many people are extroverts. In fact, most of us have some characteristics of both.

Introverts are great artists, thinkers, writers, musicians, readers and are adept at everything that requires quiet and highly functional minds. Extroverts have excellent communication skills, socialize well, are great salesmen, hosts and organizers. They are the life of the party. They are confident and are eager to take risks.

Advantages introverts have over extroverts:

  • Ability to think deeply

Deep thought and focus is an essential skill for productivity (as I explain in this article) and it has repercussions throughout your life. Being able to analyze everything often leads them to overthinking, but it can be controlled and is an essential life skill.

  • Higher intellect

Now this includes both knowledge and emotional intelligence. Introverts can better handle mental health and are generally smarter. This is also why many introverts seem to be much wiser than their current age.

  • Problem solving abilities and quick thinking

Having the ability to think deeply, introverts have honed their problem solving abilities through the years and are generally quick to get to calculated conclusions. By constantly improving to be better problem solvers, introverts can find immediate answers to problems and are often well-thought out.

  • Self awareness

Self awareness is the most underrated skill in today’s world. It is wrongly limited to religion and spirituality. Knowing yourself from within is the key to knowing the world around you. Spending all the time being quiet, thinking deeply, it’s no wonder that introverts are generally more self-aware.

Advantages extroverts have over introverts:

  • Excellent communication skills

Extroverts love to be around people. They can strike up a conversation with a stranger in seconds. Being a part of big groups is an advantage.

  • Making quick connections

Extroverts have honed their social skills so well that they can find ways to connect to anyone very fast. Finding common interests is second nature to them and they can make a stranger feel at ease in seconds. This is a big deal since the stranger they meet today could be a future business partner, romantic interest or even a great friend to be counted upon.

  • Confidence

Extroverts function on the basis of brute force confidence to get them far in life. They are known to manage large groups of people effectively without breaking a sweat. Standing up for what is right, exhibiting bravery is tough situations is what extroverts specialize in.

  • Taking risks

Be it risks in career, relationships, or life overall- extroverts are known to be risk-takers. Given their flair for confidence, this is a given, but it requires special mention.

As you can see, both sides have enormous benefits. It makes sense to make the best of both. I have been an introvert since I was a kid. I am still an introvert for the most part. Sadly, my best friends refuse to believe it. I guess that shows how much I have grown.

I have now learnt to be an Ambivert. The in-between phase is called Ambiversion. One who is able to maintain the benefits of both without losing their sanity. An ambivert has the ability to switch between introversion and extroversion according to a situation.

The next article will be all about how to be an Ambivert.


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