Is your smartphone killing you?

  • Bane Vs Boon

The greatest invention of this age is undoubtedly the internet along with all the gadgets that can access it. The internet has made our lives easier. But, is easier always better? GPS has made it easier to get to places, but it has hampered our innate sense of direction. We can chat with anyone in the world in a second but we have stopped paying attention to people right in front of us.

  • Addictive nature of apps

The internet companies are interested in getting people to use their services more and more often. Hence, they deliberately engineer apps to get us hooked all the time. That is why we constantly feel the need to check Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Once open, we keep scrolling indefinitely.

  • Constant interruptions

Every now and then some app will notify you about something ludicrous, effectively breaking your focus on the activity you were performing.

  • No time for important activities

I used to cite a lack of time to justify me not reading enough books or practicing guitar well; all the while spending 3+ hours on my phone. We have time, but we spend it doing the wrong things.

  • Lack of mindfulness, not present in the moment

We live the lives of others on social media, all the while unaware of your own thoughts. Being comfortable with boredom is an important skill.

  • Sharing everything

We feel the compulsive need to share everything we do with people that hardly even matter in our lives. Why?

The solution

The bottom line is: you need to devise careful rules to limit smartphone usage. Completely giving up the internet and smartphones is practiced by many people, but I don’t recommend that path. Used the right way, smartphones can be excellent tools to improve our lives and can help us be productive in real life. You need to determine

  • Which apps actually provide value to your life?
  • Which apps can you live without?
  • How many times a day do you want check your phone?

Deliberate upon these questions as you wait for the next article which will give you a step-by-step walk-through to finally quit your phone addiction and use it in a meaningful way. Make the deliberate decision to not check your phone and do something meaningful instead.

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1984 is probably one of the most terrifying books you might ever read, even though it is not in the horror genre. George Orwell portrays a terrible future society where the government controls the lives of citizens completely. The people no longer have the freedom of thought. The government in this book keeps track of everything we do, through the use of technology. Yikes! Let’s avoid this possibility and keep our technology usage to a minimum! I would highly recommend you to read this excellent book. Click on the image to buy!


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