How to be an early riser?

Getting up before the sun comes out is a glorious feeling. This post will help you get out of bed, full of energy to tackle your day. Let’s begin!

  1. Have a strong reason: A solid reason is essential to motivate you to get up from the comfort of your bed. If you haven’t already, check out the previous article that explains this in depth.
  2. Exercise: Do at least some mild forms of exercise everyday (walking, skipping, running, working out, etc) Exercise has tremendous benefits and it also helps you feel a bit tired so that you sleep well.
  3. No naps: Napping in the day time is a strict no. Resist all urges to take a nap. Even a small one can hamper your bed time.
  4. Set an alarm to sleep: Setting an alarm to sleep is more important than setting an alarm to wake up. Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep stages last 90 minutes each. Hence, you will feel refreshed if you wake up in 6/7.5/9 hours. I’ll recommend 7.5. Decide the time you want to wake up at and count back 7.5 hours to decide your ideal bed time.
  5. No caffeine: Avoid caffeine after sunset. Messes up your sleep cycle making it harder to fall asleep in time. I have found that one mug of coffee is sufficient in the morning and the occasional afternoon mug. But not after sunset.
  6. Dine on time: Have a light dinner at least 1 hour before bedtime. Too late and you’ll not feel sleepy. Too early and you’ll feel hungry again.
  7. No screens: The blue light emitted from phones, laptops and TVs is detrimental. Avoid all screens after dinner.
  8. Alarm away from bed: Always keep your alarm away from the bed so that you cannot reach it from the bed itself. Getting up to turn off the alarm in a different corner of the room makes us less likely to go back to bed.
  9. Optimal sleep conditions: Complete darkness, light blanket and cool temperature are conducive to a good sleep.
  10. Dim the lights post sleep: After dinner and before bedtime, perform relaxing activities like reading a fiction book, spending time with family or listening to relaxing music. Keep lights dim to ease yourself into sleep slowly.

It’s hard to change a routine. That’s why it is important to stick to the plan and keep reminding yourself about the motivation behind this change. In no time, you will be able to shift your schedule and never again will the sun catch you in the bed! Let me know how it works out in the comments down below. Cheers to an excellent lifestyle!


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