Do you have this superpower?

People in spiritual circles often talk about optimism and how it is important for your well-being, and for good reason. Like a lot of religious/spiritual teachings, this one is rooted in actual scientific proof. The power of positive thinking is a superpower that we all need.

Every thing in the world is created twice. First in your mind and then in the physical world. What you think, becomes your true reality.

How does it work?

Our minds are capable of focusing on every little detail around us. We can focus on every bug on the ground, every leaf on the tree, all the colors of clothing people wear and so on. But we choose not to, otherwise we might go mad due to information overload. We choose to ignore most of the noise and focus on what interests us.

Confirmation bias:

This concept basically means that when we hold on to a certain set of beliefs, we look for evidence that proves us right. This means we only look at evidence to support our belief and ignore everything else.

For example, if we believe that A is a rude person, we will only focus on the instances when A behaved rudely and ignore all the other times when A behaved politely.

Placebo effect:

Then there is the placebo effect. Some people falsely believe that they have a disease and they begin to display symptoms of it. This is the greatest proof of mind influencing body. To such patients, doctors often prescribe simple vitamin pills and the patients actually recover from the disease.

For example, a man was informed that a snake would bite his hand. He is shown a snake and a cloth is tied around his eyes. Then, two needles are pricked on his hand. His body actually displays symptoms of the poison of the snake. How did the poison enter his body? It didn’t. His body created it.

Anticipation makes us suffer more than we would if the disaster did befall us. If we keep thinking about what might go wrong, we ignore everything that is going right. Don’t ruin your present moment by worrying about the future too much.

Try this 3-step meditation daily:

  1. Clear you mind

Breathe deeply and count till 10. Focus on your breath and remove all thoughts. If you get distracted, gently bring you mind away from the thoughts, forgive yourself and restart from 1.

  1. Affirmations

Tell yourself you are awesome. Recall all the good things you have done. Think how much you have grown.

  1. Visualizations

Imagine you have accomplished all your goals. How great does it feel? This is the reality you are creating in your brain everyday that will eventually come true.



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Power of your subconscious mind is a book so powerful, it blew my mind when I first read it. It is one of those books that have completely changed my life. The basic premise is that positive thoughts will influence your reality in ways you never imagined was possible. This is not a book of meaningless spirituality, it is composed of well researched and documented instances to make it happen.


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  1. Prapti says:

    Excellent one👏..True, everyone have superpower , just we have to realize it… Great article..

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