Why Tech Is Evil


I have always believed (and I still do) that over-usage and dependence on technology will one day lead to the downfall of humanity. So, in a way, I think the movie series Terminator is predicting the future. If you think I am out of my mind, read on, I will make sense to you!

You go to a café with a friend and you’re trying to tell them that you had a bad day and feel very gloomy, while that friend just nods along, says ‘hmmm’ every once in a while, while their eyes are glued to their smartphone screen.

You are trying to tell your friend about an incident that happened with you while this friend listens to music and nods along, arguing “The volume is low, so go on, I can hear you”.

Need I say more? You can definitely see more examples every day. Tech over use is wrecking our lives. We are more connected to our smartphones than we are to our friends, family or even our own self. Personal moments are ruined by the beep of a phone. People prefer to answer a ringing call rather than continue the conversation with a real living human in front of them.

Relax, it is not entirely your fault, because tech causes addiction. It creates a fake world within the screens that our brain gets tricked into believing as real. Talking is downgraded to texting. Wearing fashionable clothing is for the primary purpose of getting a photograph and posting it online.

I am not a saint, believe me, I struggle with the same issues. If you are immune to this addiction of tech overuse, please leave a comment below and give us some tips!

Here’s why I believe tech is evil:

  1. It creates a fake reality within the screens and tricks your brain into believing it as true.
  2. Everything there is goody-goody. When you are online, engrossed into social media, you have escaped from the real life problems of society, you do not care about it all.
  3. Hampers real conversations. We lose the ability to carry on real, deep and meaningful conversations. Even without a smartphone in hand.
  4. Addictive- Induces anxiety. If the beep of a notification makes your hand itch to check it immediately, you have got a problem, my friend.
  5. Memory failure -Dependency – Inability to think and memorise anything. We don’t remember phone numbers, dates and information (what’s google for, right?). We don’t even do basic math in our head, just whip out a phone instead.
  6. It feeds off your loneliness where instead of seeking real people, you seek digital people on a screen. These companies make millions by feeding off of your loneliness by selling you ads. Don’t believe me? Browse a product on a shopping site and then go to your social networks. You will eventually find either the same product listed there or similar items.
  7. We are losing focus –we cannot focus on the task at hand – Even after turning off gadgets.
  8. Never in the moment- There is an urgent need for mindfulness. Otherwise you’ll just see the days whiz past and you never know how years went by.
  9. Loss of creativity. This is probably the worst fear for me. As a writer and musician I find it hard to be creative after being on a screen for too long.
  10. Irritation- unstable mind- which leads to arguments with loved ones. They feel bad and shower their anger at you for neglecting them, and you are fighting for your addiction which is eventually killing you.
  11. Huge wastage of time. I have experienced that entire days go by and I realize that I haven’t finished any of the tasks that I intended to do because I was constantly on my laptop and phone.

Stop thinking like “At least I am not like that guy who is always on his phone.” Wrong. You think for yourself whether your tech usage is helping your life or destroying it. I know people who use tech to the optimum to be creative, to be productive and are hugely successful. Used carefully, tech is a powerful tool to improve our lives vastly. Sadly, it is a double edged sword. Make the other edge blunt now!


  1. Reduce usage – Track it with apps like quality time, and uninstall the time killers- social media apps. Disable all notifications and use internet only when necessary.
  2. Tech free times – Dedicate specific hours or days of the week and before and after bed as tech-free. I keep two days of the week as No Tech days. Also ,stay away from them one hour before and after bed. You will feel much more relaxed.
  3. Kill mobile data – WiFi is enough , and you’ll save money.
  4. Call people instead of texting. The best option is talking personally, second comes calling.
  5. Best of all, just be mindful. While using your phone, stop and think “Is this activity enriching my life, or am I just procrastinating and putting off important work?”

Some people even go all the way : they give up internet and downgrade to a basic phone. What I would suggest alternatively is keep the smartphone, it has many advantages. Just make sure the smartphone doesn’t make you its slave. Use it to a minimum.

We are supposed to be superior human beings who are driven with a purpose in life. We do not want to be enslaved by technology and become zombies, bent from the neck with eyes squinting and watery, glued to a screen. Say it to yourself: “I shall not allow this evil tech to invade my life. I am the master of my life. I am the master of my time and I will work towards my dreams instead of this mindless scrolling!”

What do you guys feel? Do you agree with my views? Do you have better tips? Please leave a comment below! Also, your comments motivate me to blog more often! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Tammara says:

    Hi, yes this post is in fact nice and I have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging. thanks.|

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rsjaw14 says:

    I don’t use mobile data. I dint recharge my mobile for data packs. This way when I’m in the college from 9-5 and 3 hours in the train I stay away from all the social networks.


  3. Sohum says:

    True said!Everyone must apply it in their lives.👍👌


  4. Monica Nambiar says:

    Very well said….


  5. Yash Sharma says:

    When I started using FB on my pc I was very much addicted to it. But one day a feeling automatically came in my mind that it’s just a Time pass its useless its not a life….. and from that day I don’t use FB and Whatsapp much instead I give time to my activities.


  6. Sakshi says:

    Very true!


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