How To Find Your Life’s Purpose

We all have some reason why we are on this planet, why we are living. That is your dream, your aim and your goal in life. Easy right? Not exactly. A lot of people live their entire lives not knowing their dream, getting too busy with the mundane everyday life we live. They never care to explore the inner realms of their minds to find out what is it that is their purpose of living. With some effort you can find it out and make this journey of life, worthwhile. Don’t worry, I shall try and help you.

Giving a purpose to life gives meaning to your life. It gives you a reason to wake up daily and have a smiling face, a determined attitude and self confidence to deal with whichever troubles pop up. How to find it, you ask? Simple- answer these questions: 1. What are you passionate about? and 2. What change do you want to do to make this world better?

You might get an answer right away, or it may take time. You may have one purpose of life or many (like me!) The process isn’t easy- many people live their lives getting caught up in the rat race of education-job-family and that’s all. If you want to find out your purpose, then congratulations, you have crossed half the distance.

If you haven’t already, I want you to start a journal. Make no mistake, this isn’t like the lame diary we used to write in middle school- about when we woke up, what we ate and all that meaningless stuff. In your journal, you write what you feel- write about what made you happy and sad and why. What made you angry, jealous and every negative emotion and write why. Write what can be done henceforth to avoid negativity. Write about anything but try to write an analysis about yourself. Write how you can improve yourself, write how you can improve the lives of people other than yourself. Write what brings a tear in your eye and what brings a smile to your face. Write, write, write.

You can use a computer or cellphone too, but I feel it is much better to use pen and paper. I am not sure why but the tactile feeling of writing on paper is a magical feeling. It brings me immense joy to see my thoughts come down on paper!

What this will do, is help you find your true likes and dislikes. When you write in your journal, after some time, your subconscious starts speaking to you through your journal. It does happen with me that I take a pen in hand with my journal open in front of me and words start coming out. You will find out your passion and in time, you will find out your dream, your purpose. Instead of venting out our anger on someone verbally or physically, just write about it. It serves as an excellent stress-reliever.

Instead of getting to know other people, it is essential to get to know yourself first. After all, you are the person that you’ll spend the majority of your life with! Another step to take to get to know yourself better is start meditating. Just 5 minutes in an entire day can give you so much peace and happiness. Sit in a place you won’t be disturbed and close your eyes. Better if you’re outdoors, but works quite well at home, in a comfortable place adjacent to an open window, too. Just breathe deeply – inhale, hold it, exhale, and hold it for the same intervals. Count the seconds. And set an alarm for 5 mins to know when to open eyes and end the meditation. This will let you know your thoughts on a deeper level. You will think clearer.

You also need to explore more of your external world. Meet new people, find new hobbies, read more books and travel frequently. Expand your world to rediscover yourself!

Take my example- I am passionate about a lot of things- reading, writing, music, learning, inspiring people, travelling, photography, technology, law, environment protection, and a lot of more stuff that I won’t bore you with. But I narrowed it down to three that I shall pursue as careers that will make me happy. Those are- Writing, Music and Social reform through advocacy. These make me happy, give me purpose to live. I write daily, I learn the guitar and I am studying law.

My ultimate dream- my purpose of life is to make this world a better place than I found it in. I want people to remember me long after I am no more. I want people to name me when asked “Who is your inspiration?”

Keep time slots in your everyday life to perform activities that make you happy, activities that will further your passion. Journal and meditate daily. These are two of the handful of activities that have changed my life profoundly. Once you discover your passions and your dream then that’s it, start living your life the way it was meant to be! Be consistent and do your best and you will realize your dreams.

What is the best part about this all? When People ask you “What are you doing in life?” You say-
“I’m living my dream!”

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Monica Nambiar says:

    Amazing Gaurav,really inspirational…


  2. The 2 questions. I follow exactly the same ideology.. I'm passionate about electronics engg. And think about ways in which I can help the society.
    Nicely written.
    Keep it up!


  3. Geet Valecha says:

    I'm gona share this…


  4. Anonymous says:

    Very well written….great thoughts.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Awesome,Amazing I've already started writing journal…


  6. Dhanalakshmi Gopal says:

    Great taughts wel down


  7. Very well explained the purpose of our life n how to find it!
    Well written gaurav..


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