Stop caging your daughters

This article is dedicated to those who have curbed their daughter’s freedom to such an extent that they do nothing without consulting the parents; for whom the only limited freedom is when they are in school or tuition classes. The daughters who don’t have love and respect for their parents but fear; fear of being seen talking with boys, fear of coming home late, fear of being questioned “who is that boy you were talking/chatting/calling?”. Sometimes this fear even gives rise to hate and depression. Do you parents really want that? Do you want your daughters to hate and fear you?
Let me be clear: I know my country folk are ridden with a small percentage of people who commit heinous crimes against women but this does not mean that you always keep the girls under your thumb. Overprotectiveness has made them meek and submissive. This curbing of freedom diminishes their self-confidence and they are dependent on others; they cannot stand up to their assaulters.
The worst example of parenting is when the girl has a brother, regardless of his being younger or older; he will get maximum freedom while his sister has to stay caged at home. He is allowed to go hang out with friends but when she asks, she is questioned in a manner only the cops do,“Who are you going with? Where are you going? What will you do? When will you come home? Why so late?” And so on. She gets so frustrated with this that she chooses not to socialize instead.
I am not saying this is true for all girls. Some parents are very liberal. They give equal liberty to their daughters and sons. They are both equally accountable for their mistakes. And I salute this type of parents. I really respect you people. You understand that only when a person is allowed to socialize, to learn the difference between right and wrong can their confidence grow. When you are responsible for yourself, that is when you grow and become strong. Only when guys and girls are allowed to freely socialize, they will learn to understand each other and then crime rates against women will drop. I am definite about this.
Please do not be stupid and assume that I have written this article thinking of specific people in my life, because that is false. I have written this thinking about the people I know and the people I do not know, so, basically society at large. I write this because I want to change this situation. If you do recognize yourself with the issues I have written, I do not want you to directly rebel against your parents to claim freedom. What you can do is talk to them, explain it to them that you love them but this overprotectiveness is only making you weaker and dependant. I believe that all worldly problems can be resolved by love and understanding and that is the path we should follow.


If you feel what I have written rings a bell, if you think this situation is unfair and you want to change it, regardless you being a guy or girl, share this article with your friends. Better yet, send this to parents. I am ready to face your hate mail if you disagree with my view. This being a personal matter, the only thing I can do is make sure, in future, my own daughter is allowed to socialize, to talk to any guy she wants, form happy relationships and learn to distinguish right from wrong. I will do this because I will love her and I would want her to be protected, and not overprotected. That being said, I consider myself lucky that my immediate family does not possess these discriminatory thoughts and I am proud of my mother for raising me to learn the difference between right and wrong. Thanks mom!

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  1. Great thought brother!


  2. magique ! says:

    Amazing blog !!


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