Why I Condemn Piracy


What are you saying.. this is a fake product?
A lot of people think it is legal to download movies, music, TV series and games off the internet for free. Even I believed this once upon a time. It was just around the time when the owners/creators of thepiratebay got arrested for hosting illegal content on their site; then it hit me hard that I’ve been pirating all this time. I guess I knew beforehand,  but this time I really got convinced. It felt wrong to have done this.
“Well so what? I get my stuff for free; I already pay for the internet connection, why should I pay for the content?” If this is what you think, read on.
Suppose you are a regular person who dreams of being a musician. You give up your job and attend music lessons. You work hard for years and finally make your own music album. You publish it and it becomes an instant hit. You believe your hard days are over now. Strangely, you don’t earn much money. It turns out, even though people love your music, everyone pirates it and you get almost nothing. What’s the point of your hard work all these years?

All I am saying is appreciate the hard work of the creators and don’t download it illegally. If artists get well paid for their work, only then would they be encouraged to keep up their hard work and reap the fruits.

“I want to stop pirating but I do not have enough money to pay. This is expensive”.
Don’t worry, there is a way. It’s called ‘streaming’. Can’t pay for music? Listen to it for free on YouTube, Saavn, SoundCloud, Deezer music, or on TV! Here, the artists earn from the ads you watch. I personally do not mind ads while streaming content legally. Wanna watch movies for free? There are internet services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar etc which have a small monthly fee; or the best way: watch them on your TV!
If buying CDs, DVDs or BluRay Discs is unaffordable for you, you can still own your favorite media at lower rates  buying them digitally. For gaming ‘Steam’, for movies and music ‘Apple iTunes’, for books ‘Amazon Kindle’; are some of the places you can get heavily discounted digital media by paying for them via Debit/Credit cards. I once saw a music album in CD format on Amazon and Flipkart for 2,500 and I bought the same album on iTunes for 120! Kindle ebooks are also heavily discounted with prices at 50% to even 100% discount than the physical books!
Another awesome method to get your favorite media for cheap is to buy used products on sites like OLX and Quikr. You can get them for dirt cheap rates, legally! Just make sure you buy them from original owners and not thieves. A great way to do this is to ask them when they used this and why they are giving it up now.
My favorite method is streaming. You just need a decent internet connection and a good cable/DTH TV service. Which method do you prefer? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, I tried to keep this article short so if you want to know more about anything I wrote here, ask me in the comments and I shall reply as soon as I can.
Please don’t pirate. It’s very uncool.

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